Professional Services

Services for our wireless / fiber internet customers

If you require a tower through High Speed Crow for installation; we will install the tower for $85 per hour plus the price for the tower sections themselves. The Base, Brackets and supplies to set up the tower are included with the purchase of the tower. If you are to purchase a tower from somewhere other then High Speed Crow and would like us to install it, there is a charge of $85 per hour. There will be an extra charge to replace any missing parts (call for pricing). This may include a tower base, brackets, bolts, etc.

We will not install or climb non-standard or dangerous towers, even if these have been installed or climbed by our competitors. The on-site installers will evaluate the safety of any structures and refuse to climb if they are not fully safe.

If a customer needs help in setting up a wireless router, indoor networking, etc We do service calls at the rate of $45.00 for any call 30min and under, then $65.00/hour afterwards (single-technician rate).

The cost to visit a customer for a Transfer of Service (including basic connection checks) is $65.00.

All sale inquiries can be sent to or call (204) 480-0902