Fiber Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Fiber?

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Who is High Speed Crow? High Speed Crow is a Manitoba owned and operated internet provider that has been in business since 2003.

What work will you be doing on the road? We will be installing vaults in the ground in the right-of-way on both sides of the road, and using horizontal drilling to install conduit between those vaults.

We will be working extensively in the right-of-way areas on both sides of the road. We ask the residents to:
• Drive slowly and pay attention near workers, equipment or covered holes in the ground.
• Do not touch the locating flags until we remove them at the end, and let us know if any have been removed.
• Contact our office if there are any questions about the work being done.
We can also explain the details of our fiber internet service to anyone with interest in it.

How wide is the right-of-way? It varies highly per area and sometimes even along the same road. It usually ranges 15-30ft from the side of the road.

What plans are available?  Monthly cost is a combination of port charge and bandwidth charge. Port charge is always active seasonal holds only disable the bandwidth charge and specific per area.

What speeds would people need? The basic “Essential” package allows for general internet usage and 1-2 concurrent streams (Netflix etc). Customers who work from home or upload lots of data would be better served with the “Production” package. Customers who concurrently have multiple streams and internet usage would be better served with our “Crucial” package.

How long is the contract? Due to the high costs of the street main line and house installations, we have a two-year contract. Customers who wish to cancel before that time would need to pay out half of the remaining cost of the contract, unless they are moving and the new homeowner continues the service.

By when do customers need to sign up? For customers to get a discount on the install price, they must be signed up and the install process started before we finalize the vaults for their area, so we recommend they sign up as soon as possible.

Does HSC provide e-mail addresses? We can provide multiple addresses, which can be used in e-mail software or webmail.


How much does the install cost? Pricing can vary. Please contact us to find out!

How can this be paid? When is billing done? Are paper bills sent? The service can be paid for by pre-authorized credit card or void cheque. Bills are sent by e-mail only, on the first business day of every month.

Install What is the install process? The customer arranges for a visit by a HSC technician that surveys the property, takes pictures and then creates an installation plan. The HSC Office then organizes the fiber routing and sends a quote to the customer. Once this is accepted, HSC organizes locates from the other underground providers, then the field crew plows or drills the conduit from the vault to the NID located on the side of the house (plowing is cheaper but makes a rut in the ground that HSC will fix, drilling is more expensive). Finally, the inside crew runs indoor fiber from the NID to the router location, installs the inside termination box, and completes the contract and final checks.

How quickly can the service be installed? The street work per area will take around a month. Around the end of that process, the outside work for the house installs will begin. A few weeks after that, the inside part of the house work will be complete and the customer online. In rare cases where the ditches are flooded or there are other seasonal issues or delays in the fiber splicing, this could force the work to be postponed for a few weeks to months. Outside work is mostly shutdown during the months of December to April.

What changes occur to the yard and building? In the yard, a conduit will be plowed or drilled from the street-side vault to the location where a NID will be installed. The NID is a grey box the size of a book that will be installed on the outside wall of the building about 3ft from the ground. A hole will be drilled in the outside wall to run fiber cable from the NID to the termination/router location in the house. The termination box will be installed and connect to the router.

Does this leave a mess in the yard? The plowing leaves furrows and depressions/marks in the ground which our crew will remedy to the best of our ability by levelling the ground.

Is a router included in the service? No – you may use your own wireless router or rent one from us for $5/month. Note: older routers may not allow our faster fiber packages to run at full speed.