Whole Home WiFi with eero

Blanket Your Home With Wi-Fi 6

Experience eero TrueMesh technology

High Speed Crow is continuing in its tradition of industry-leading innovation, which is what first led to our next level fixed wireless internet technology. Our development team has been working tirelessly to help ensure our high quality connections extend further into your home. 

After thousands of hours in the lab, High Speed Crow is excited to officially announce that it is bringing the eero product line to customers as a solution to your growing Wi-Fi coverage needs.

Read on to find out more about this exciting addition!



Why eero?

Say you have a fast internet plan, but you still notice dead spots, drop-offs, and buffering when you visit certain areas of your house. What’s going on? 

The reality of Wi-Fi is that, while convenient, it can be inconsistent across your home. Your house is full of things that can dramatically reduce the signal strength of your wireless devices! For example, if your wireless router is across the house or on a different floor, it simply cannot cover that entire area—and our solution to this problem is eero.

Most people place their routers in a common central location, such as a mechanical room. However, as demonstrated above, the Wi-Fi signal does not cover the whole home.


The eero Wi-Fi mesh system allows for multiple nodes to be installed, which effectively extends coverage to fit your home.

What is a Wi-Fi mesh?

Traditional wifi systems are designed to simply send and boost a signal, but eero devices are strategically placed around the home and work together to create a unified, whole-home wifi signal. TrueMesh technology intelligently routes wifi traffic among your eero devices to maintain a strong signal throughout your home, working to reduce dead spots.

Wi-Fi 6 | Effortless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 can send one message to multiple devices at the same time, making for a more efficient and less congested data delivery throughout your home. Whether it’s your phone, TV, or computer, they’ll always get the connection they need. With Wi-Fi 6, you’ll have the latest wifi technology–delivering faster speeds, higher performance, crazy low latency, and better support for everything connected to your network.

Security Made Simple


Online Safety

eero Secure gives you access to parental controls, including content filters and the ability to block and allow individual sites to help keep your family safe from the content they’re not ready for.

Transparent Usage

eero Secure gives you insights into your family’s historical network usage and performance, so you can see who’s consuming the most data and keep track of your usage over time.


eero Secure blocks a variety of ads, speeds up browsing on adheavy websites, and prevents a variety of trackers across the web. Discover the internet without intrusions.


The Details Matter.


Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band concurrent 2:2 (802.11ax) with 160 Mhz channels in 5 GHz, compatible with older wifi standards

Smart Home Connectivity

Works with Alexa, Amazon Frustration-Free setup, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

Processor, Memory, and Storage

1 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB flash storage

Wired Connectivity

Two auto-sensing gigabit ports for WAN and/or LAN connectivity


99.4 mm x 97 mm x 65.9 mm (3.90 in x 3.80 in x 2.60 inch)
Actual size may vary by manufacturing process.

Power Requirement

Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F); Electrical: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz; Power supply: 15W external

Security and Network Services

Profiles, WPA3 (eero Labs feature), WPA2, TLS v1.2+, VPN passthrough, IPv6, NAT, UPnP, port forwarding, DHCP, static IP, and cloud connectivity.

Say goodbye to dead spots, drop-offs, and buffering.