What is the best location for your router?

We often hear of people having unexplainable problems with WiFi signals and it could be because of the location of your router.

Here’s one scenario – The WiFi signals were perfect, the router is in the basement under the kitchen. After taking a look, we discover the kitchen has new flooring and also metal mesh to level the floor. This is commonly known as a Faraday Cage, and effectively blocks most wireless signals. Go ahead and Google “Faraday Cage” – this also helps understand how WiFi goes through a window, but not stucco.

As people have more devices attaching to their router, and shorter ranges for higher speeds, a popular option is to have WiFi Repeaters on different floors or areas of the house with higher usage.

Another thing to try is wiring your Smart TV directly to your WiFi router to eliminate WiFi related challenges – especially when your all your technology products are competing for bandwidth!