Why didn’t someone install fiber down my road already?

Why didn’t someone install fiber down my road already?

Great question and one that we get asked frequently!  The reality is the climate we live in dictates what is possible.  Installation of fiber through populated areas requires directional drilling, which uses water, and when winter arrives there are several problems. 

Reality of Manitoba Winters  – We have 7 hours of daylight instead of 16 hours.  Water freezes, ground freezes, and people get frostbite.  Vehicles run all day long, equipment freezes overnight.  So the race is on to get as much as possible completed from mid-April to mid-Dec.  However, everyone else installing water, power, gas or telecommunications also encounters the same problem.

Installing fiber is also very labor intensive, anything from the initial plans to the inventory of parts and then the scheduling of crews plus maintenance of machines.  And that is before we get started!  Other tasks like splicing fiber and setting vaults requires careful placement and updating documentation. 

Once all that is completed, then the onboarding of customers takes place.  That includes the house side stitching and fiber installation into houses plus the additional network monitoring per customer.

After we install fiber, for the next two years we return to the vaults to ensure they are settled correctly and fit with the surrounding neighborhood.

Installing fiber makes wireless look easy!

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