What do I get for my tech savvy friend for Christmas?

With the holiday season upon us, panic sets in because finding that unique gift for someone special can be challenging. With all of the latest gadgets a few stand above the rest.

The first one is a Home Assistant – Google Home or Amazon Alexa are two of them…But what if your special someone already has one? Well, the next answer is a related smart gadget, a switch, outlet, color changing LED light bulb, an appliance, or even a remote control. For the person that enjoys evenings outdoors on a patio, there is LED strip lighting and various colors. Add a smart outlet, and they can program the light strip to turn on/off with a sunset time, or as needed from a phone. Other items becoming popular are automatic sprinklers connected via WiFi for added efficiency.

My those family and friends who may not be tech-savvy, an Amazon Show may be the way to go. You can ask Alexa questions, ask for video (Prime), or can do a video call. When traveling, you can drop in with a video call and can do it with simple WiFi.

At other times, it is streaming music and you can even put a few special dates into a calendar for them as reminders. These devices are much more than asking the weather – you can ask for a synopsis of a movie, and get movie times.

The most basic of Amazon Alexa is the dot, and it is an affordable $35. The echo is much better sounding but it is $150, and the Show with an 11” screen is an eye-watering $300.

No matter what you decide to get them, they are sure to smile, because at the end of the day it really is the thought that counts.

Bryan King, President, High Speed Crow