High Speed Crow delivers reliable and professional high speed internet service in Manitoba using its own wireless and fiber-optic networks at speeds of up to 1000Mbps. Get connected today!

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Equipment Sales and Leasing


yes Basic, reliable 2.4Ghz wireless router (TP-Link)  $65.00, including installation when a technician is onsite.
yes Outdoor cat5e UV-protected cable $0.65/ft.
yes Power supply: Motorola Canopy 24/29Volt PoE (for most of the HSC client radios) $45.00
yes Power supply: standard 802.3AF PoE (for the diamond-shaped WiMAX radios) $45.00
yes Outdoor ethernet surge suppressors $40.00


yes Tripod, 3ft or 5ft, $65.00.
yes 12ft  1 5/8 inch mast $35.00.
yes Tower sections are $150.00 each (10 feet section), this includes mounting brackets, base plates, u-brackets, bolts, stakes.
yes Tower base plate $35.00.
yes Tower house U-bracket (either flat for roof attachment, or L-shaped for fascia attachment) $35.00.

yes Tower Set-up $85.00 per hour.
yes Miscellaneous tower supplies (bolts,etc..) $15.00.

Custom wireless links

yes Point-to-Point wireless links using high-quality hardware, starting at $1000 installed, speeds from 14Mbps to 1Gbps
yes Temporary network connections (roadside stands, construction trailers, etc)
yes Temporary monitoring stations (solar powered with video surveillance).

All services do not reflect applicable taxes.


Services for our wireless / fiber internet customers

If you require a tower through High Speed Crow for installation; we will install the tower for $85 per hour plus the price for the tower sections themselves. The Base, Brackets and supplies to set up the tower are included with the purchase of the tower. If you are to purchase a tower from somewhere other then High Speed Crow and would like us to install it, there is a charge of $85 per hour. There will be an extra charge to replace any missing parts (prices above). This may include a tower base, brackets, bolts, etc.

We will not install or climb non-standard or dangerous towers, even if these have been installed or climbed by our competitors. The on-site installers will evaluate the safety of any structures and refuse to climb if they are not fully safe.

yes If a customer needs help in setting up a wireless router, indoor networking, etc…  We do service calls at the rate of $45.00 for any call 30min and under, then $65.00/hour afterwards (single-technician rate).

yes The cost to visit a customer for a Transfer of Service (including basic connection checks) is $45.00.

All sale inquiries can be sent to websales@HighSpeedCrow.ca or call (204) 480-0902


Tower and Server Colocation Services For Business Customers

Our partner company Canadian Tower leases space on our towers and other facilities. Our customer base includes Internet service providers and multi-site enterprises requiring point to point networking solutions.  Through our network of partners, a full solution can be tailored to your needs including equipment leasing, hardware purchases, and colocation of servers.

Our tower sites and server racks are located in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, providing excellent coverage to rural communities, major highways such as the Winnipeg perimeter, as well as industrial areas and exciting new areas such as CentrePort.

For more information please visit: www.canadiantower.ca


PC repair

Our technicians are instructed not to perform PC repair, to minimize unrelated responsibilities and questions.

There are some computer shops in the general area of our customers.


REP4 Technologies
1 877-321-7374
217 Clandeboye Ave, Selkirk, MB R1A 0X2

1026 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk, MB R0C 0P0


East St Paul Computers
(204) 669-9141
3000 Birds Hill Rd, East Saint Paul, MB R2E 1J5

R&R Computers
Suite 4-530 Main St, Oakbank, MB R0E 1J1


Itech Systems
Suite K-1522 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B4

Memory Express
730 Century St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0C2

Computer Avenue
1475 St.James Street, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0W9

Powerland Computers
170 Marion St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T4

Future Shop (Too many to list) www.Futureshop.ca
Best Buy (Too many to list) www.Bestbuy.ca
Staples (Too many to list) www.Staples.ca

If you call Future Shop / Best Buy / Staples they may charge quite a bit or push towards the purchase of a new computer, they do have a max radius as well.