Wireless Internet Plans


Effective July 1, 2017 – all package/Plan pricing for 4G to Business now include a government regulatory fee of $3.25 plus taxes.

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HIGH SPEED CROW offers several different ways for you to receive high-speed Internet access at your home, small office, business, or your community!

When you are searching for an Internet provider, there are always factors to consider with reliability, functionality, and the company’s long-term viability.

There are ISPs with lower prices, but keep in mind that providing service to rural areas carries a higher cost than downtown Winnipeg where there are 5000 people per square mile. If it seems too cheap to be true, then it probably is. Some companies may not have liability insurance; some do not have the infrastructure to deliver service or the staff to perform quick repairs; some are using non-certified equipment.

Our wireless network backbone is 100% carrier-class to ensure reliability, performance, and functionality and our distribution network to customers is 100% carrier-class equipment from Motorola (Cambium Networks). By using field proven hardware built to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, we are confident of the service we can provide to Manitoba.

High Speed Crow has been providing custom solutions using the same equipment that we operate our microwave backbone throughout Manitoba. If your company is looking for an alternative solution to your existing wireless network, or if you require additional service & capacity beyond the traditional copper infrastructure, we can provide you with additional information so you can make an INFORMED decision.

Our customers include all levels of government, schools, financial institutions, large businesses, medium businesses, and home based businesses, people working from home (telecommuting) and residential casual Internet users.


Installation includes a basic mount (dishleg or J-pipe). If your location requires additional height, a tripod/mast or tower may be required.

From December 1st until March 31st in each calendar year, a $25 winter surcharge will be added to each installation and service call to offset the extra costs associated with doing business in the months when our climate is the most harsh.

The monthly charge includes rental of the wireless radio & antenna.

Speeds are based on the customer’s location, laws of physics, proximity to a tower access point, customer’s router & computer, and many other factors. Speed and latency are two different characteristics, both are important with Internet communications.

During the install, our technicians may find that higher mounting is required for more signal, or a router is needed to allow multiple devices to access the internet at the same time. In most cases there will also be service call charges. These are listed on our Services page

24-hour technical support is available by calling 204-481-CROW

All sale inquiries can be sent to websales@HighSpeedCrow.ca , or call 204-481-CROW.

*All service calls, installs, onsite service etc. are subject to a $45 truck roll fee.



High Speed Crow continues to make upgrades to keep up with the demand for faster and more reliable internet. We offer to waive the Standard Install Fee (a value of $297) for customers looking to sign up with our Home Office / Gamer $72.13 plan and above*.

For existing customers, we still offer our NO CHARGE upgrade promotion. This allows existing customers the ability to change up to a higher plan at any time, at no service call cost! Contact Websales@HighSpeedCrow.ca for more details.

Don’t miss this chance to sign up with one of Manitoba’s fastest growing wireless high speed internet providers.

*Special mounting requirements such as tripods, masts, and towers will cost extra; A $45.00 Roll out fee will apply; A plan of $72.13 or above must be maintained for a minimum of 6 months if taking advantage of the sign up promotion*


Plans listed below reflect a two year contract & service agreement.

*prices below reflect current pricing including government regulatory fee.

Features Residential
Home Office/Gamer
Download Speed (up to) 3.0Mbps 4.0Mbps 6.0Mbps 8.0Mbps 10.0Mbps
Upload Speed (up to) 0.5Mbps 0.6Mbps 0.7Mbps 1.0Mbps 1.0Mbps
Monthly Transfer 35 GB/Mo 45 GB/Mo 60 GB/Mo 80 GB/Mo 100 GB/Mo
HSC Email Accounts 3 Addresses 5 Addresses 5 Addresses 5 Addresses 10 Addresses
Installation Fee $297 $297 $45 $45 $45

A seasonal hold is available for up to 6 months per year. The $10 service provides 1Mbps down/0.5Mbps up speeds and includes 1 GB/Mo transfer.

*As of December 2016, an Infrastructure Advancement fee of $3.25 applies to the Residential and 4G plans.

***All advertised speeds are ‘Burstable’ or ‘Up to’  and not guaranteed to sustain. Many factors can affect the speed obtained, including physical location, signal obstructions and most importantly customer owned hardware***


SuperCrow plans – only available from certain towers, for customers connected using our fastest radios

Features SuperCrow
SuperCrow Plus
Download Speed (up to) 15.0Mbps 25Mbps
Upload Speed (up to) 2.0Mbps 5.0 Mbps
Monthly Transfer 200 GB/Mo 250 GB/Mo
Email Accounts 10 10
Installation Fee $45 $45

Custom plans and point-to-point wireless links available at speeds up to 1000mbps

Our top-of the-line equipment and network design allows us to keep latency low, as most internet services depend on low latency, most customers find that our 3.0Mbps package loads complex web pages much faster than satellite “10Mbps” packages


Data add-ons to the above internet packages

Features Mighty
Monthly Transfer 25 GB/Mo 50 GB/Mo 100 GB/Mo 200 GB/Mo

Data addons will be available on all plans, and will stack on top of the current data usage to provide a higher total monthly data usage amount. Contact Websales for more details.