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High Speed Crow would like to pass on an amazing device! We are aware that winter in Manitoba is cold, so cold that dead batteries or boosting your vehicle can become a regular occurance. The PowerAll has enough juice to power 15 vehicles without a single recharge, this device can not only jump start your car, but sports dual USB ports to charge your devices on the road. For bigger vehicles such as Tractors, Semi’s or Big Trucks the PowerAll Deluxe 600 AMP will boost your large vehicle with ease!

***Receive a $25.00 credit on your next bill with purchase of a 400 AMP or 600 AMP PowerAll***

Message Websales@highspeedcrow.ca for more details!

 For more on the PowerAll Visit: http://thepowerall.ca/

For more on Drones Visit: http://www.alphadrones.ca/


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