Fiber Internet Packages

What plans are available?

The table for residential service is below. Monthly cost is a combination of port charge and bandwidth charge.

Plan Speed down/up (up to) Usage
Port charge $* Bandwidth $
Essential 10 mbps down / 1 up 300GB * 25
Production 10 mbps down/ 10 up 400GB * 35
Crucial 50 mbps down / 50 up 1TB * 55
Streaming 100 mbps down / 100 up 2TB * 85
Ultimate 1000 mbps down / 1000 up 5TB * 250

 Note: Port charges vary per location and are always active, even if you place your account on seasonal hold. Seasonal holds only remove the monthly bandwidth cost.

What speeds would people need?

The basic “Essential” package allows for general internet usage and 1-2 concurrent streams (Netflix etc). Customers who work from home or upload lots of data would be better served with the “Production” package. Customers who concurrently have multiple streams and internet usage would be better served with our “Crucial” package.